Free Securi Briefs - Regular Mens and Ladies

  • Discreet.

  • Comfort Fit

  • Available in Black or White

  • Look like ordinary briefs

  • Washable

  • Super absorbant

  • Ladies and Gents Styles

  • Buy One Get One Free

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Weak Bladder? Urinary incontinence can be an absolute nightmare!

Thousands of people suffer with the embarrassing problem of poor bladder control. Individuals who would otherwise enjoy vital, active lives find their freedom curtailed – and become prisoners of this common health complaint. If you’ve been suffering in silence, with minor to moderate urinary incontinence – we have great news for you! Forget those bulky, uncomfortable disposables! Now you can wear fully washable, slim-fitting and comfortable Securi-Briefs.

The fit and feel of ordinary briefs plus total security

Securi-Briefs fit and feel just like ordinary underwear. They’re sleek and invisible. In fact, you can wear them under snug jeans – and nobody will know! But you’ll have total confidence all day long knowing that wet patches, irritation and odour will never be a problem. Made of a special ultrasmooth 100% polycotton blend, Securi-Briefs feel soft against your skin. The moisture absorbing front panel keeps you dry and prevents chafing. Securi-Briefs come in both men and women’s styles and will replace the need for up to 200 disposable pads. Think of the hassle you’ll avoid and the money you’ll save!


If you’ve worn plastic or rubber lined incontinence pants, you’ll be familiar with the embarrassing sound of that telltale ‘rustle’ when you move. Securi-Briefs are silent as well as invisible! No more noise! Securi-Briefs will retain their shape and fit – for up to 200 washings. And you won’t have to tangle with any pins, loops, snaps, fastenings or Velcro. Just slip them on – and slip them off. They’ll fit perfectly every time!

Try Securi-Briefs yourself - Buy One Get One FREE

You now have the chance to try Securi-Briefs for your self at a special low introductory price for a pack of two! Also take advantage of our special offer of Buy One Get One Free. Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with your briefs, simply return any unworn garments within 90 days for a full refund.

Pack Sizes

Securi Briefs come in packs of two. A quantity of 1 equals 2 pairs of Securi Briefs.

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