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Macular Degeneration Book

  • Ways to help delay vision loss
  • The right nutritional supplements
  • Techniques to help save your eyesight
  • Specific  foods to add or avoid
  • Effective all-natural supplements
  • 90-day RISK-FREE Home Trial

If you experience vision problems, you should get a copy of the new book ‘Macular Degeneration Vision Improvement” by Chet Cunningham.

Reduce and delay visual loss. The book looks at the latest natural and alternative ways that could help to reduce and delay vision loss. The book also looks at natural treatments and finds out how simple techniques could make a significant contribution in saving your eyesight from further damage. You’ll find out how some people who suffer from Macular Degeneration have discovered the practical realities of reducing and delaying loss of vision by supplementing existing treatment, fortifying the diet with appropriate nutritional supplements and by adding specific foods to meals and avoiding others.

One reader told us is that after following the simple directions in the plan along with existing treatment, the progressive damage to her eyesight has been noticeably reduced. Another man who added this all-natural approach to his normal treatment said he “was thrilled to be able to still read a clock after the past years of struggling with worsening blank spots” in his vision.

The book also explains - in plain English – how your eyes work, basic eye care, how certain drugs could damage your eyes and why over 12 million people suffer from macular degeneration – the leading cause of blindness in mature adults. Many people are losing vision, some needlessly, due to macular degeneration because they are unaware of the new supplemental all natural alternatives, whose effectiveness for slowing down and delaying further visual loss is covered in this book.

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