Copper Comfort Insoles

  • Each insoles contains 2 pure copper disks
  • Deordorizing Active Carbon layer
  • Memeory foam core for instant comfort
  • One Size Fits All
  • Best Offer. Buy 3 pairs save £30
  • 90 day Risk-Free Home Trial

"These Magic
Copper Insoles
Stopped My
Knee Pain"
THE MRI scan revealed his worst fears, the cartilage in his knees had worn away. He was terrified life would only go down hill from here. Since he turned 68 grand - father of four, Matthew Johnson’s condition had got steadily worse. It all started with just a niggle in his left knee. Then a few months later he started to get pain in both knees, especially in the mornings. The pain got so bad that some days he struggled to get up and down stairs. But thanks to his son Barry who bought him a pair of Copper Comfort Insoles, he is now back walking 5 miles a day along the sea front. He is full of energy again.
"I even thought that I'd have to sell my home and move into a care home"
Matthew now 71 said that the insoles had been incredible. “When the pain was excruciating I was gutted not being able to help out with the grand children. I even thought that I’d have to sell my home and move to a bungalow or worse still into a care home.” Within two months of wear - ing the Copper Comfort Insoles he got a new lease of life. He said, “Last summer I could hardly walk, I rarely went out and I was becoming a recluse. The worst thing was being in no state to look after my grandchildren, they are my world. But now I feel fit as a fiddle, and am back to doing my daily walks and taking the boys to the park for a kick around with the football"
"They have given me my life back"
Matthew said, “I must admit when Barry told me he is now
back walking 5 miles a day and is full of energy insoles and told me that they might help with my knee pain, I thought he was off his rocker – how could a simple pair of insoles help chronic pain? I tried all kinds oftreatments, physiotherapy sessions, pain killers, acupressure, acupuncture, knee braces, you name it, I tried it, but nothing gave me long-term relief. But I am so glad I decided to give these insoles a go – they have given me my life back.

Copper is an essential mineral found throughout the body and vital to the health of all living things. Its healing power dates back as far as 400BC when Hippo crates used it for all kinds of health problems. Studies have shown that copper ions can play a vital role in combat ing infections, making red blood cells and helping to keep your immune system healthy.
What makes these different to other insoles?
Copper infused thread is woven into the insole to give maximum surface area contact with the foot and two pure copper discs are embeded. They also benefit from a soft bed of memory foam, providing instant comfort. Matthew tells me “it’s like walking on air.” Finally, the insoles have an Active carbon layer which eliminates odour and keeps your feet fresh and dry.
Copper plus Memory Foam - the perfect antidote to painful feet!
This triple action Copper Comfort Insole certainly sounds like it’s worth a try. Since its launch this year thousands of pairs have already been sold.
Copper infused fabric

on a soft memory

foam layer.
Copper woven
fabric upper layer
with embedded
copper discs
Memory Foam
soothing comfort
Active carbon deodorizing layer
1 pair of Copper Comfort Insoles just £39.95
SAVE £10. 2 pairs of Copper Comfort Insoles was £79.90 now £69.90
3 pairs of Copper Comfort Insoles was £119.85 now £89.95

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