Magnetic Copper Bracelets

  • Contains 6 powerful magents
  • Anti-inflammatory properties of copper
  • Fully adjustable
  • Available for Men and Women
  • 90 day money back guarantee
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Magnetic Copper

Could this be the

answer to arthritis?
96% of patients reported and improvement in arthritic symptoms
Our Magnetic Copper Bracelets have powerful magnets incorporated into each stylish design. Whether you want a lower strength magnet or our High Powered Magnetic Braclets for a more intensive experience our Magnetic Copper Bracelets will encourage your body to heal in style.
Magnetic Fields produced by magnets
High Power Silver Finish £24.95
High Power Black Finish £24.95
Copper Finish £19.95
Venice Finish £19.95
Try them for 90-Days.
If you are not completely satisfied we will refund the purchase price
Why our Magnetic Copper Bracelets unique?

These Copper Bracelets are unique because they combine the powerful action of magnetic fields with the therapeutic action of copper. Studies have shown that wearing copper bracelets can have a positive effect on Arthritis and Rheumatism. Studies have also shown that wearers of Copper bracelets also experience significant weight loss. Our bracelets are also available in four finishes, Mens and Ladies sizes.

Most Copper bracelets are just that, copper bracelets. This is because Copper itself is not a magnetic material. So to increase the beneficial effects our copper bracelets have powerful magnets embedded within them. Generating a powerful magnetic field to promote well being plus the added benefit of copper to ease chronic pain.

How are magnets used in healing?

Magnet therapy can be traced back to ancient Egypt, but in modern times they have become increasing popular as an alternative therapy to healing and pain relief. In fact magnet therapy has been demonstrated to be effective In promoting the healing of chronic wounds and leg ulcers. As a result magnetic dressings are available via NHS prescription specifically for this purpose. Magnetic therapy is also said to help with arthritis, aches and pains, circulation problems, migraine, backache, period pain and sleep problems.

How strong are the magnets?

The magnets embedded within our stylish bracelets are up 12x stronger than those used in fridge magnets and generate a powerful magnetic field to help promote healing and well being.

Magnetic Therapy Studies

University of Virginia, in the US, researchers concluded that magnet therapy reduced the intensity of pain from fibromyalgia - a rheumatoid disorder - enough to be "clinically meaningful".

Harvard University, patients with osteoarthritis were given magnetic "sleeves" for their knees. Researchers found that they had beneficial effects after four hours, with a 7x difference in pain relief between those who had the magnetic sleeve and those who used a placebo device.
University of Washington, researchers put a magnet on the shoulder of patients who had suffered chronic pain for years. After the magnet had been on the shoulder for one hour, pain levels halved. Other research has shown that magnetic therapy can ease period pains, lift depression and cure aching joints. Separate studies at Harvard University, in the US, and the Peninsula Medical School, Plymouth, even found that wearing a magnetic sleeve eased the pain of osteoarthritis of the knee.

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