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The Original Copper Heelers

  • 100% Pure Copper
  • Incredibly Comfortable
  • Soothes aching feet
  • Allows easy absorption of copper
  • Wear in any type of shoe
  • 90-day Risk-Free Home Trial

The Original Copper Heelers

The Original Copper heelers®

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National Press

Helen Basson

Helen Basson

Helen Basson

Helen Basson

Thousands of delighted customers are now pain free and living normal lives, thanks to the Original Copper Heeler Insoles.

Made of pure copper these breakthrough Orthotic Insoles provide many health benefits including:

tick Helps soothe aching feet
tick Helps provide support
and reduce strain on the body
tick Can help Improve posture which can reduce
back and neck pain
tick 90 day risk free trial
Health Benefits
Product information
The Copper Heeler is the perfect insole to give you support, comfort and numerous health benefits:
Suitable for all shoe types
Made of 100% Copper
90-day money-back guarantee
Super lightweight
For 1/2 sizes round down a size
Charles Goldman
Expert Opinion
Charles Goldman

M. Inst. CH P D.Ch.M

"I was approached to carry out some trials using their Copper Heeler (copper orthotic) on several of my patients. Knowing it to be a drug free product and having heard, over the years, about the pain relieving qualities of copper I had no hesitation in agreeing to do this. To my amazement after 2-3 weeks the reports were astonishing.


Miss B.J. Andrews, London
“A study carried out at the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Dublin found that by delivering a dose of medication via the skin, instead of orally – therefore avoiding the liver – more than 95% of the dose goes directly into the bloodstream, as opposed to as little as 5%. There is a growing bank of anecdotal evidence to suggesting copper plays a role in reducing inflammation”

Dr Donal Grant, Specialist in inflammatory conditions

BSc(Hons) Ost Med, DO, ND (Osteopath)

"I have recommended your Copper Heelers, to many of my patients... They have all been overjoyed with the results. My father now wears a pair and he wishes that he had known about them years ago."

Miss B. J. Andrews, London

"Copper has anti-inflammatory effects in the body, and may therefore have painkilling properties. One study showed that copper from a bracelet can be absorbed into the body, and it does seem that this can offer some relief from arthritic pain|"


NHS - THe Whittington Hospital

"I feel copper has helped my arthritis – I am convinced that there is something in the copper..."

Professor Albert Singer,
Whittington Hospital, London

Customer Feedback
5-Stars Mrs P. R. S. Herts.

After having knee replacement surgery 3 years ago I suffered much pain and discomfort afterwards. No amount of medication or physiotherapy seemed to ease the pain. I was willing to try almost anything to ease the pain. This is when I saw "The Original Copper Heeler." I have been wearing the insole now for approximately 3 weeks and cannot tell you the relief that I have experienced. Thank you so much!

5-Stars Mr & Mrs D. S., Yorks

I must write to thank you and sing the praises of our wonderful copper insoles. Having suffered with arthritic knees for sometime we found relief after only a few days and the ultimate test came when we walked easily the 1.5 miles into town for our lunch...and...back again.

5-Stars Mr P. A., West Midlands

Just a short note to thank you for sending me the Copper Heelers. For two years I have suffered pain, visiting several physios, two doctors adn a chiropractic clinic until I was finally diagnosed with arthritis, all this after two years of pain and spending £500+ A big shock at the age of 34!!When I thought that I had tried just about everythign I saw an advert for your Copper Heelers in a Sunday paper and thought I would give them ago. After two weeks I noticed a big difference and after three weeks I was 99% pain free. I can honestly say that this is the best money I have ever spent, and have recommended and bought pairs for relatives and friends.

Q Will these Original Copper Heeler Insoles help soothe foot pain?
A Thousands of customers have been satisfied with the relief they provide

Q How often should I wear the Original Copper Heeler Insoles?
A We highly recommend that you wear these insoles every day to gain maximum relief.

Q If I wear socks or stockings will this stop the copper working?
A No, not at all. Socks act as a conduit for the connection between the sole and the copper insole.

Q Surely the cpper will be hard and uncomfortable?
A No - they are incredibly comfortable, they mould perfectly to the contours of your shoes.

Q How soon will I feel the benefits of wearing then Original Copper Heeler Insoles?
A You'll feel the benefits in your posture almost immediately. Your back and shoulders will straighten and your hips will align. As for soothingn relief everyone is different, some people have felt a difference in just a few days, for some peopel they have reported relief after 2-3 weeks. We advise wearing them daily for a maximum of 3 weeks.


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Ladies Shoe Size Conversion Chart for International Sizes
UK Shoe Size European Shoe Size USA Inches Centimeteres
2 35 4 8.8175' 20.8
2.5 35 4.5 8.375' 21.3
3 35-36 5 8.5' 21.6
3.5 36 5.5 8.75' 22.2
4 36-37 6 8.875' 22.5
4.5 37 6.5 9.065' 23
5 37-38 7 9.25' 23.5
5.5 38 7.5 9.375' 23.8
6 38-39 8 9.5' 24.1
6.5 39 8.5 9.6875' 24.6
7 39-40 9 9.875' 25.1
7.5 40 9.5 10' 25.4
8 40-41 10 10.1875' 25.9
8.5 41 10.5 10.3125' 26.2
9 41-42 11 10.5' 26.7
9.5 42 11.5 10.6875' 27.1
10 42-43 12 10.875' 27.6

Mens Shoe Size Conversion Chart for International Sizes
UK Shoe Size European Shoe Size USA Inches Centimeteres
5 39 6 9.25' 23.5
6 39 6.5 9.5' 24.1
6.5 40 7 9.625' 24.4
7 40-41 7.5 9.75' 24.8
7.5 41 8 9.9375' 25.4
8 41-42 8.5 10.125' 25.7
8.5 42 9 10.25' 26
9 42-43 9.5 10.4375' 26.7
9.5 43 10 10.5625' 27
10 43-44 10.5 10.75' 27.3
10.5 44 11 10.9375' 27.9
11 44-45 11.5 11.125' 28.3
12 45 12.5 11.25' 28.6
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