• Straight forward, easy to use
  • No GPS
  • No WIFI
  • No video games
  • No worries


1 x EasyPhone £99.95

BEST OFFER: 2 x EasyPhones just £149.50 SAVE £50.00

At last! A simple, easy to use, no nonsense mobile phone. Big Buttons. Clear Display. Loud Ringtone.

These days mobile phones are getting more complicated and have far more features than you’ll
ever need. What’s more, payment plans can be confusing and tie you in for a year, two years or
more. That's why we've launched the EasyPhone 3… A no-nonsense mobile phone with just the
essential features, so you can keep in touch with friends and family with ease.

Features Summary:

BIG buttons with BIG numbers. Easy to see. Easy to press.

Straight forward INSTRUCTIONS in a clear language that’s simple to follow.

LARGE illuminated display with an easy-to-read screen.

NO CONTRACT. Not linked to any mobile phone network. Use any sim card. That’s right, there’s NOTHING TO SIGN.

HANDS FREE feature. Talk without having the phone glued to your ear.

Easy to use TEXT MESSAGING system. SOS store up to 5 phone numbers relatives or friends. Just one press calls each person in turn, activating the loud speaker so you can talk hands-free.

Simple to operate, soft touch VOLUME CONTROL.

Optional VIBRATION alert. Never miss calls in noisy rooms.

A full battery charge lasts up to 5 days in STANDBY plus you’ll get up to 5 hours of TALKTIME.

Built in FM RADIO. Listen to your favourite shows or sports when you’re out and about.

Built in TORCH. So you don’t get caught out in the dark!

1000 MEMORY PHONEBOOK. More than you’ll ever need.

Easy to use CAMERA so you can capture precious moments.

Built-in CALCULATOR, ALARM CLOCK and CALENDAR to keep yourself organised.

BONUS charging cradle included for FREE if you order within 7 days.

Here's what our customers say about the EasyPhone:

What a great phone. I can see the keypad and screen, so clearly I no longer have to reach for my glasses when I make a call. The big buttons make it so much easier to dial a number with my arthritic fingers, and I’ve even used the SOS button once when I slipped on the ice last winterMrs Patricia Glenson

The EasyPhone should be awarded Gadget of the Year for the over 50s. It’s so simple to use. I normally need my son to show me what to do but not with this phone. The SOS is so handy – I’ve never had to use it in an emergency, but I call my son every day, so it’s easy to just press the button and talkMrs Emily Jones

“...great phone, no-nonsense, fantastic battery life, easy to press buttons, easy to see screen and I even listen to my favourite talk show or the cricket when I’m on the bus or out and aboutGraham Burgess


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