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Floating Diamonds Magnetic Bracelet

This stunning bracelet has a highly polished finish, featuring an unusual design of 4 floating imitation diamonds.

Elegant Design: As you move your hand the diamonds move catching the light at different angles. Easy to slip on and off the wrist, this design is perfect for both ladies and gents.

Super Strength Magnetic Healing: As well as this being a highly decorative design it also provides pain relief with two magnets discreetly placed at the back of the bracelet. Each magnet is 1000 gauss providing super strength magnetic healing.

Clinical Trials: Recent clinical studies prove that magnetic therapy can help with 16 common health conditions. The magnets in the bracelet actually stimulate your body to heal itself, by increasing blood flow and increasing bloods oxygen carrying capacity, both processes essential for the body to heal.

90-day Money-Back Guarantee: We are so confident in our magnetic therapy devices that we offer a 90 day money back guarantee on all of our products, no questions asked.

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