Copper Knee Support. Sizes, S/M/L/XL. Free Postage

  • Retains body heat
  • Boosts circulation
  • Slim comfort fit
  • Odour free
  • Easy to pull on

Put a Stop to

Stiff Aching

No more knee pain when:
Using stairs
Copper Knee

Put a stop to Knee Pain
Instant Relief and Support
Provides Flexibilty to Move Freely
Soothing Thermal Copper
Copper Healing Benefits
1 x Copper Knee Support
2 x Copper Knee Supports
3 x Copper Knee Supports
Healing Benefits of Copper
Copper is an essential trace mineral that your body needs to survive and thrive. It helps produce red blood cells, activates the immune system, and helps maintain bone health and connective tissue.

As we age copper levels diminish around the body and we do not take in enough copper food sources.

This lack of copper can cause pain and inflammation.

A scientific study with over 2,100 participants found those with osteoporosis had significantly lower levels of copper than healthy adults.

That’s why the Copper Compression Knee Support gives you the support you need but also gives your body an easilyabsorbed source of copper to relieve joint pain and stiffness fast.
Instant Relief

and Support
Compresssion fit provides
support, stability giving you
the confidence to move
more freely

Copper makes your body
work properly and is known
for its anti-inflammatory
Healing Relief
Copper threads lock in body
heat melting away your
aches and pains
Relief -

Day and Night
It is easy to slip on and
so comfortable that it can
be worn all day long. It can
also be worn for sports or
even while you sleep! Its
close-knit fit makes it
suitable for wearing under
any clothing.
Eliminates Odour
Bamboo charcaol fibres
eliminate odour enabling
you ti wear it much longer
than other supports
Don't take our word for it...
"Excruciating knee pain"
"Walking became so painful and going down stairs was excruciating. My knees got so bad that I began to rely on a walking stick to get around. Then I read an article in a magazine for the Copper Knee Support. I’d always thought knee supports were used just for sports, I never thought they could help with walking. But I guess it’s all about being able to have flexibility and support. I thought at the very least they would take off some of the pressure off my knees,
but they offer so much more. I wear them under my nylons and I’ve noticed a huge difference much less pain and I’ve not used my walking stick at all." Agnes, 81, Swansea
..arthritis or not, I’m living life to the full"
"I was told I had arthritis in my left knee, they said it was too much running in my younger days. My GP told me to exercise less and put my feet up! I told him I maybe 76 but I am not ready for the knackers yard yet! Luckily a lady at my WI meeting mentioned the Copper Knee Support. After just a few days I felt no pain in my knee and I am active as ever, arthritis or not, I’m living life to the full". Judith, 76, Windsor
"Reduce inflammation"
"I’d tried so many knee support, straps and braces for my arthritic knees, but nothing compares to the Copper Knee Support. I first tried them because I’d read so much research on the healing benefits of copper and how it can help reduce inflammation. It works! I was astonished by the difference they make, they are by far the best way to help inflamed knees". Paul, 71, Essex
"They are fantastic, no more pain or stiffness"
"Before I started wearing Copper Knee Supports I could just about manage kneeling in the garden for 20 minutes before the pain would kick in and I’d have to take some pain-killers. But with these supports I can do planting and weeding all day long without any pain. They are fantastic, no more pain or stiffness." Sarah, 59, Surrey

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Made From:

70% Bamboo Charcoal 20% Copper Threads 10% Elastane


S/M - 12 -14 inches

L/XL - 15 - 17 inches

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