Vibra Plus

  • Maximises pleasure
  • Amazing vibrating ring
  • Super charges your performance
  • 90-day RISK-FREE Home Trial

FREE ADULT VIDEO: Buy 10 Vibra Plus for just £29.50 (was £99.95) SAVE £70.00 and get a free adult video

Guaranteed to raise your sexual pleasure to unimagined heights

Sex... good sex... hot sex... that’s what you’re looking for! You want maximum pleasure for yourself and your partner! Now you can boost your love-making skills and enjoyment with VibraPLUS – the amazing vibrating ring!

For Men and Women

VibraPLUS super-charges your performance and enhances your pleasure! It will give women exhilarating, high-intensity climaxes – with or without a partner. Men – you’ll love the way the VibraPLUS helps you prolong top-quality erections. You will be able to bring your partner to climax time and time again. It works by controlling the flow of blood from the penis, which increases firmness, which in turn gives greater control over the onset of climax.

But that’s not all. When its vibrating mechanism comes into contact with your partner, it stimulates and intensifies her orgasm, resulting in an incredibly powerful climax – every time.

Easy to use

VibraPLUS features a stretchable silicon ring that adjusts for a comfortable fit. It vibrates at an incredible 5-6000 times a minute, helping men prolong their erections – and reach the highly sensitive female Gspot. Each

VibraPLUS can only be used once, so take advantage of our great discounts on multiple purchases.

90-day Risk-Free Home Trial

VibraPLUS is only available direct, so don’t miss out on this exceptional one-off opportunity to check it out Risk-Free in the comfort of your own home for 90 days. In the unlikely event that you are not 100% satisfied, just return the container with your refund request within the 90 days and we’ll refund you in full, no questions asked. What could be fairer than that?

FREE ADULT VIDEO: Buy 10 Vibra Plus for just £29.50 (was £99.95) SAVE £70.00 and get a free adult video

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