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The Nostalgic Cookbook

  • Bacon turnovers made from the best british bacon
  • Savoury potato and fish cakes
  • Cheese and Vegetable Cutlet
  • Woolton pie - a rich and thick vegetable pie
  • 90-day RISK-FREE Home Trial

The Nostalgic Cook Book reveals all the delicious, healthy, inexpensive and forgotten recipes of yesteryear. It’s the ultimate book of old-fashioned recipes including many wartime recipes. Here’s just a selection of recipes to whet your appetite…Corned Beef Hash, Fish Stew, Savoury Meat Pudding, Mock Oyster Pudding and Summer Pudding.

The Nostalgic Cook Book is packed with hundreds of delicious traditional British recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. It covers every meal of the day from breakfast to supper and even has a huge list of desserts. The recipes are inexpensive, tasty, filling, and nutritious. …They provide all the vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates required!

Here’s just a selection of recipes to whet your appetite …

• Bacon Turnovers: Traditional fried chopped bacon… made from the best British bacon!
• Savoury Potato Cakes: Tender potato & fish cakes gently grilled… lovely!
• Cheese and Vegetable Cutlets: Delicious oven made cutlets covered in breadcrumbs
• Woolton Pie– a rich and thick vegetable pie created at the Savoy during the war!
• Poached Kippers: Gently boiled, soft and succulent… oh the memories!
• Grilled Pilchards on Toast: Made in minutes… tastes wonderful!
• Braised Beef – The softest beef known to man… just melts in the mouth!
• Bacon Hot Pot: Thick and tasty bacon stew… so filling!
• Corned Beef Hash: Corned beef cooked in an oxtail soup with vegetables… delicious!
• Fish Stew: Quick to make, tasty and extremely filling… so traditional!
• Potato Jane: In breadcrumbs, mixed with vegetables and topped with cheese… you can taste it now!
• Savoury Meat Pudding: A tender pastry filled with meat and vegetables… just like your granny used to make!
• Mock Oyster Pudding: Soft roes in breadcrumbs and mixed with nutmeg! Not an oyster in sight!
• Soused Herring: With onion and mixed pickled spicy… simply fantastic!
• Egg & Cabbage Salad: Simple and easy to prepare… tastes wonderful and very filling!
• Yorkshire Pudding– this is the original recipe… need I say more!
• Summer Pudding: Stewed fruits with juice, baked bread and custard… enjoy all year round!
• Steamed Pudding with Jam: Cooked to just melt on the tongue!
• Steamed Chocolate Pudding: With syrup and milk… simply stunning!
• Bread & Butter Pudding: As soft as it gets… the best around, beats any ready- made pudding any day.

The Nostalgic Cook Book encourages you to buy from your local and national suppliers where possible.

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