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How to Talk to Your Dog

  • How to communicate with your dog
  • What a dog's body language means
  • Visual guide to dog's emotions
  • Why dogs want to be part of a pack
  • Warning signs of aggression
  • 90 day RISK-FREE Home Trial

Open a new two-way communication between you and your dog

Wouldn’t it be great if your dog could talk to you? If you’re a dog lover like me and wish to communicate better with your pet for a deeper, more loving relationship, you can do exactly that with the help of a new guide – How to Talk to Your Dog. It’s filled with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to establish a truly meaningful two-way communication with your pet. Yes, your dog really does talk to you in its own way and you can understand your pet if you know what to look out for. But there’s lots more to dog talk than just barking.

Each bark has its own special meaning. Dogs also use body language, with their ears, nose, eyes and tail. Their poses and movements, facial expressions and types of barking tell us what they want. Dogs have the instinctive ability to make sense of much of what you say to them.

Can you read your dog as well as your dog can read you?

How to Talk to Your Dog is a treasure trove of knowledge that will have you talking and understanding ‘dog language’ within hours. Discover how your dog can help you decipher its messages at a glance. See yourself and everyone around through your dog’s eyes! Because a picture can truly say more than a thousand words, this book is well illustrated with drawings that provide an instant visual guide to all your dog’s thoughts and emotions. From just a glance at these pictures, you’ll acquire an immediate insight into various aspects of your dog’s behaviour. How to Talk to Your Dog solves fascinating mysteries of dog behaviour.

Your questions answered

Why your dog still thinks like a wolf and wants to be part of a pack.

Why your dog recognises two different kinds of territory and how this affects its behaviour.

Why it’s absolutely vital your dog accepts you as its ‘leader’ and how you can make sure that it does.

How to tell whether a puppy is going to grow up to be a dominant dog. Why ‘symbolic’ language can be more meaningful than just words.

Why you already know considerably more ‘dog talk’ than you ever suspected.

How to recognise the early warning signs of a dog becoming aggressive, with special tips to avoid children being bitten.

How to send ‘calming signals’ to your dog if it becomes agitated. How to immediately recognise the signs that say your dog is stressed or anxious.

Why dogs so often imitate the behaviour of other dogs. How to tell what specific barking sounds mean.

How to train your dog to only bark when absolutely necessary.

Why your dog can hear sounds that are inaudible to you.

Why your dog can easily detect the slightest movement Why your dog may think you’re shouting at him, even when you’re not.

How to test your dog’s intelligence. How to use the right tone of voice and choice of words to enable your dog to understand you better.

Why you should never imitate your dog’s barking. How to teach an old dog new tricks!

Your dog’s own Golden Rules for you And many other questions answered.

You'll never see your dog in the same way again

You may be surprised to discover the true depth and strength of the bonds of affection that exist between you and your dog. But once you understand its unique language you’ll be able to communicate with ease. You’ll soon be on your way to a closer relationship when your dog realises that you understand its language. If you’ve always wondered what your dog is thinking and why it does some of the funny things it does, this working manual belongs on your bookshelf.

Makes a great gift

How to Talk to Your Dog makes a wonderful gift for friends. Why not order two books for just £17.85 – better still order three books for only £24.75.

Special bonus

Order How to Talk to Your Dog now, within the next 5 days, and we will also include 30 ways to make your dog’s life longer and happier completely FREE of charge. This handy booklet will give you 30 simple yet effective tips to improve and extend the life of your dog – many of which you can start using the minute you receive it. Claim your free report by ordering How to Talk to Your Dog now – today! How to Talk to Your Dog is an easy-to-follow working manual, with clear advice and detailed illustrations that will help you build a deeper, more loving relationship with your dog. Order your copy today.

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