Micro Ampli-Ear

  • Super Comfort
  • Super Discreet
  • Super Power
  • Easy sound adjustment and easy battery changes

Micro Ampli-Ear

Trust Micro Ampli Ear Quality

Since the year 2000 – Micro Ampli-Ear has been our No. 1 best selling hearing amplifier in the UK and amazingly it costs LESS than £20!

Now, in 2015, the engineers have developed an ALL NEW top of the line hearing amplifier. The new advanced amplification circuitry and enhanced capacitor vastly improves clarity, amplification and comfort.   Making it the smallest hearing device we have ever sold.

The NEW, improved Micro Ampli-Ear is designed to be 100% adjustable from the smallest to the largest ear opening to suit both men and women.  It is very discreet, in fact it’s tiny, measuring only 1.9cm x 1.5cm (0.75” x 0.59”). So, no more embarrassing moments.

Never apologise again for not being able to hear. Use Micro Ampli-Ear to increase the volume of:
• Whispers
• Phone conversations
• TV – even with the volume on LOW
• Conversations in crowded rooms.

Our Guaranteed Best Price Promise

Buy direct from Micro Ampli-Ear and you can be 100% confident that you are paying the lowest price. You won’t find this product cheaper anywhere else, if you do, we will refund the difference. In addition we include a one-year manufacturer’s repair/replacement warranty.

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Sizing Information

  • Your Price: £19.95

Choose from our extended Ampliear range:

Pack of 4 Batteries £4.95
12 months supply of Batteries £38.00
Wax Removal Brush £4.95
10 Year Warranty £5.95

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