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Pure Virgin Argan Oil

  • Recognized for its therapeutic benefits
  • Argan oil is 100% natural and is rich in Vitamin E
  • Improve the appearance of your wrinkles and fine lines
  • Used to help skin problems: dry skin, acne, and eczema
  • 90 day money back guarantee

This "miracle" oil has
worked wonders, my
wrinkle lines have
Rita Gravesande, 79.
Its is hard to believe Rita Gravesande will turn 80 this year. Rita, mother of two, grandmother to six and great-grandmother of four is the picture of health. Her skin has no blemishes, is almost wrinkle free and radiant. She looks so well that she could easily pass for being 20 years younger.

“I have a ‘miracle’ oil that I use everyday”

I was eager to know her secret to looking so youthful! She smiled and told me “I eat healthy but I also have a ‘miracle’ oil that I use everyday. I used to have lots of lines around my eyes and down the side of my mouth, that was before I started using this precious oil.” Being a Health and Beauty reporter for I keep abreast of new product launches, best selling ranges and most importantly what actually works! Being in my late 40s I am ever more interested in anti-ageing treatments. I’ve tried and tested all kinds of day creams, night creams, serums, facial masks, exfoliators and toners from high street pro ducts to the most expensive luxury brands. I have my favourites but I also love to try new products and there is no better endorsement than hearing it directly from people who have seen amazing results. This beats any luxury brand advertising campaign.
Rita showed me family photos in her living room, I could see she has good genes, but she definitely looks younger than she did a few years ago. I was sitting on the end of her sofa, waiting to hear what she used to make her skin so clear and beautiful. “When people find out how old I am they often ask what I use. I swear by Pure Virgin Argan Oil. I have been using this ‘miracle’ oil for almost a year now and it works wonders – most of my wrinkles have dis appeared. I’ve tried other argan oils, but they are nowhere near as good as this Pure Virgin Argan Oil, a 100% con centrated oil. “The important thing is to use it every day. I use it twice a day, everyday, first after showering in the morning and again in the evening after cleaning my face before going to bed. I gently rub it around my eyes like this,” she used a circular motion with her fingers under her eyes and to the side. She then pointed to the side of her mouth “I also use it here where deep creases used to be. Over the years I had used many different products but nothing works as well as this. My daughters can’t believe what a difference it has made and now they use it too.
“Looking younger has put a spring in my step”
“The bottle is small but you only need a couple of drops, so it lasts a long time. My other tip is one day a week don’t wear any make-up, apply a more generous amount of Pure Virgin Argan Oil instead – it works a treat.” “Looking younger has put a spring in my step and my husband loves the results too!” Since meeting Rita I dis - covered that argan oil is one of the rarest oils in the world. It can help reduce the ap pear ance of wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and it also moisturizes the skin without clogging pores. The beauty of Pure Virgin Argan Oil is that it is 100% natural, full of natural good - ness, antioxi dants, vitamin E and essential fatty acids: Omega 2, 3 and 6. But beware, most argan oil products, even top brands contain only tiny amounts of this precious oil. These diluted products have little or no therapeutic benefit. If you are going to try it, stick to
“I am definitely starting to notice a difference”
As for me, last week I ordered Pure Virgin Argan Oil and am now using it twice a day just like Rita told me to do. I am def initely starting to notice a dif fer ence, even my teenage daughter commented I looked well – now that is a miracle!

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