• AcuPro Insoles
AcuPro Insoles

  • Instant relief for feet and legs
  • Triple cushioning layer
  • Accupressure points for massage
  • Unisex design
  • Buy one get one free offer
  • 90-day Risk Free Home Trial

“I struggled to walk for 5 minutes, now I can walk 2 hours” pain free!”
“I’ve suffered with joint pain in my knees for years. When I was younger I used to love playing tennis and going for long walks, but my knee pain put a stop to all that. Even doing everyday things, like popping to the shops or kneeling to do cleaning became a struggle. Being less active my weight crept up, I didn’t dare go on the bathroom scales. I tried not to let it get me down, but when the country went into lockdown I really missed going out, seeing friends and going shopping. I live in an apartment so I was desperate to get outside for some fresh air and have some sense of normality. I started to go on walks to the local forest, but I couldn’t walk far because my ankles and knees would be too painful. Sometimes it was just a niggle and other times it was so painful I wanted to cry.
Then, the following day, the pain would be even worse. One day I felt really down, it all came flooding out on a phone call to my daughter, who lives over 100 miles away. I must have worried her so much because that week she spent hours looking online to find something that would help my painful knees and ankles, that’s when she read the great reviews about AcuPro Insoles.

She ordered me a pair and rang to tell me all about them, she was so excited. I was very sceptical, but was touched by her kindness. The next day they arrived in the post and I put them in my shoes. WOW! I couldn’t believe the instant difference they made, they were so comfortable. I went for my usual walk, for just 15 minutes and they felt great, but the best thing was that I had no knee pain that day, or even the following day. I used them everyday and started to walk a bit further each time.

I have been wearing them for 2 months now, they have been mar vellous, I can now walk up to 2 hours pain-free with, no more knee or ankle pain. With all this walking I have been able to explore more of the local area, walks I didn’t even know about. Being at home all the time I was worried I would put on weight but now, with all this walking, I’ve lost almost a stone.” These insoles were my saviour through those difficult times. I finally went to see my daughter as soon as we were allowed to travel about and I couldn’t thank her enough. I was dying to hug her but that will just have to wait for now. She was so thrilled to see me and even more thrilled with my weight loss.
“My knee pain has gone!”
“I had a motorbike accident about 17 years ago and damaged my knee ligaments. Since then my knee has never been the same, I have less flexibility and it’s painful when I am on my feet for long periods or carrying anything heavy. My wife Sue suffers with aching ankles, especially in the morning. Between us we are a right pair! Going into lockdown has changed everything for us, we have learnt to appreciate the simple things in life, and most importantly, our health! The first few weeks being at home all the time was a novelty but by week 3 of the lockdown we were ‘climbing the walls’ so to speak.
Sue cleaned out every cupboard in the house! She came across a pair of AcuPro Insoles that I’d ordered about a year ago, but never used, they were still in the packaging. She insisted I try them or they were going in the ever growing bag of stuff for the charity shop. I popped them in my shoes before going to the newsagent.

When I got home I told Sue that my knees felt great. I wore them around the house and garden all week and for our dreaded weekly supermarket shop. I was not looking forward to standing in the long queue, my knees and feet would ache, but not that day. Even aften standing in the queue for 40 minutes my feet and knees didn’t ache.

They have made such a difference, I ordered Sue a pair, she raves about them. We are now able to go on walks together like a normal couple. I would highly recommend them to anyone, I just can’t believe they sat in the back of a cupboard for a year!”

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• When you first insert the Bio Reflex Insoles you may find that they make your shoes feel tight. This is normal. We recommend that you wear them in your shoes for at least 3-4 hours. This allows the memory foam to compress down to the shape of your foot. After a while you will not notice you are wearing them.

• The Bio Reflex Insoles are designed for maximum comfort and will adapt to the specific shape and contours of a single pair of shoes. If you swap them around and use them in other shoes you’ll lose the many health and comfort benefits. The Bio Reflex Insoles need to ‘Bed-in’ and settle in one pair of shoes.

• Feel the full effect by wearing them daily for at least two weeks.

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