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Micro Infiniear Hearing Device

  • Latest digital technology
  • Amazing new super small device
  • Adjustable volume to suit your hearing needs
  • So comfortable you'll forget your wearing it
  • No whistles or interference
  • Rechargeable - no more batteries

Micro Infiniear Hearing Device

This tiny rechargeable hearing device is now only half price

If you struggle to hear people on the phone, think people are mumbling, have difficulty keeping up with conversations, or turn up the TV louder than others then help is at hand! Using the latest digital technology you can enhance your hearing and live life to the full with the new Micro Infini Ear. Discreet design This amazing new super small device fits in your ear – in fact it’s so discreet you can hardly notice it.

Simply slip it in your ear and adjust the volume to suit your hearing needs and away you go! The design is so compact and comfortable that you’ll soon forget you’re wearing it. Advanced Circuitry The advanced microelectronic amplification circuitry will give you enhanced hearing without any whistles or interference that you find with cheaper imitations. And because we are selling direct to customers we are able to offer the Micro Infini Ear at an affordable price. Other companies like you to believe that improved hearing costs a fortune, but not with Micro Infini Ear.

No more batteries!

And what’s more you’ll never have to worry about the cost or having to replace batteries. The Infini Ear is fully rechargeable! All you need to do is pop it into the charger and turn it on. You can charge it while you sleep. It’s so much more convenient than having to fiddle about with batteries. As it doesn’t need to carry batteries it’s smaller than other devices. Ditch your old-fashioned fiddly device and try the new Infini Ear.

Guaranteed Best Price Promise

Buying direct you can be 100% confident that you are paying the lowest price. Order today, try it at home, talk to friends, watch TV, go to the cinema, and hear for yourself the difference. You’ll be amazed at the superior quality sound amplification Don’t miss out – SAVE 50% As part of our introductory launch we are selling the Infini Ear at half price, saving £49.95. What’s more you can SAVE A FURTHER £20.00 when you order 2 Infini Ears. The Micro Infini Ear comes complete with charging unit which also doubles up as a storage case.

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